Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Its been over a month since I last wrote anything here. To be quite honest, i really did not see the point in doing any more writing seeing as hardly ANYONE even visits much less reads anyhting that I write about. I was just about ready to say "Screw It All" and never return to this blogg again, but then this morning I got to my job extra, extra early; and seeing as I had no immediate e-mail correspondances to reply to I figured that I would make a quick post here. Well here it goes:

Since I last wrote the body count for the year so far has crossed the 100 mark, and oddly enough I found out something interesting. Women now outnumber men here in T&T. Young males in T&T are fast becoming an endangered species, so I guess when women say that there are so few good men left here in T&T, they really mean it. However, there are still many assholes out there, so they will still be in the spotlight while the "good men" like myself will be doing our best to avoid trouble, find a good woman that will apprecaite us, try our best to keep on doing right and trying to stay alive.

Governement has decided that the area where I work needs to undergo an urban renewal. They want to put up high rise apartment building and skyscrapers; so all business and residents located within the South Quay Area of POS has until the end of May to vacate before the begin demolition of the area. I am convinced that the current government is :
1. Is Comprised of idiots.
2. Wants to loose the next general election.
3. Does not give a crap about the people of this country.
4. Is Comprised of idiots.
5. Have the intelligence and character of a dung bettle.

Moving means that TGS will be undegoign a change from our regular mode of operation and that some of yours truely, may/will be going into another area of work. Lets just say that it will be an area that I will be familiar with, as compared to where I am now.