Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cute Girl+Me=Klutzy

I highly doubt if this happens to anyone else but me, but sometimes whenever cute women are around I seem to turn into a complete klutz of some sort. On Friday I had to go over to a shipping company to pay some fees on items that the store has coming in by ship. Behind the counter sat a prime example of exotic beauty that Trini women are known to possess. She was already attending to a customer, so I went to the next available agent/teller.

From time to time I noticed her looking my way, I’m not too certain if she was looking at me or at the clock on the wall behind me? Anyhow, time comes for me to leave and my subconscious starts saying,
“Okay Val, there’s a really cute chick sitting over there. Don’t do anything stupid in front of her. Just get up, go to the door and leave. That’s all you have to do.” Instead I knocked over a nearby chair, which was just number one of my klutzy moves. After setting the chair back into the upright position I was in such a hurry to get out of there, that I walked into the wall next to the door, not one but twice. As I scrambled down the stairs my subconscious was yelling, “Val! You’re not listening!”

I swear if I’m not walking into things, tripping over stuff, I’m either dropping stuff or saying stupid things at the wrong time and in front of the wrong people….i.e…cute women. Or I get caught checking them over when I should be looking elsewhere.

Why do these things always seems to happen to me? Why can’t these things happen to the jerks and assholes? Why must they happen to the nice guys, average Joes and shy types? What did we do to have this dumb luck heaped on us like an un-wanted flu the day before a Sci-Fi convention.

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