Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Second Trip To Aruba 05/08/2012-12/08/2012 Part 6


You ever notice that when  you're having fun time seems to fly by even faster? Well that was the realization that greeted me when I woke up on the morning of August 10th, my flight back to Trinidad would not be until Sunday morning, while my aunt, uncle and cousin would be returning to the States on Saturday. Granted I still had a day more than them, still it was a reminder that I would be saying good bye to the wonderful and blissful Happy Island. However there was still time left and the agenda for that day was a trip out to Baby Beach on the Southern tip of the island. This would be my second trip to Baby beach, again another place that I've been to more times in the last five years than I've been to Maracas Beach in Trinidad.

Baby Beach is just right outside of the city of San Nicholas, the very same place we had been to the night before for the Carubbian Festival. We passed through there to pick up some food (KFC) for the afternoon at the beach, while driving through I was once again on the look out for familiar landmarks that had been featured in An Island Far Away and Under A Blue Flag, by Daniel Putkowski. I had seen Charlie's Bar the previous night and was looking out for the others that were mentioned in both novels.

The beach looked just like I remembered it, blue water, white sand, except that this time as it was Friday there were more people on the beach than the last time. We rented the beach chairs and a cabana which provided shade from the sun, but it was still hot.



Going to the beach was a good idea for that day as back at CPV there were doing some work on the water plant system, which meant that they had to shut the water off from 11:45am till somewhere around 3:30/4:00pm. The plan was to spend part of the day out at Baby Beach, leave around the same time that they would be turning the water back on, get back to the hotel and take care of some laundry before and last minute shopping before commencing with the packing.

Some how time really flew by and before I knew it we were packing up our stuff, piling into the car and on out way back to the hotel. The water was back on which was great, however the laundry room was occupied with a lot of gruff looking women waiting for a free machine to throw their laundry into, guess no one wants to fly home with dirty laundry. That and the fact that dirty laundry takes up more room. My relatives went out to do some last minute shopping while I hung out in the room, monitoring the laundry room, reading and watching some ABC Family which showed Miss. Congeniality 1 and 2 back to back.  When my relatives returned they found a washer and dryer than was available, I told them to take care of their stuff first then hand off to me when they were done. By the time I got through with my laundry it was well after midnight, and people were still running to the laundry room to wash their clothes. I only went to bed after all my recently washed clothes had  been folded and packed away into my one suitcase. Packing tip, instead of rolling your clothing up into a ball or folding into squares, fold once and rest the flat, you actually wind up with my room that way.

Saturday morning marked my last full day on the island and the final few hours for my relatives. Before they left they made certain that my booking for the room I would be staying in had been confirmed. While waiting for the hotel staff to come over and move my stuff I killed the time watching Miss Congeniality 2....again on ABC Family. I was moved over just before it was time for my relatives to head for the airport to check in for their flight and return the rental car. I was moved from room 107 to 105, right next door.  With my relatives on their way to the airport and myself moved over into room 105 I set about looking for something to do. First on the agenda was food, my relatives had left some food behind, two bottles of water, can of Pepsi, pieces of chicken and such I was going to need more than that. So I made the walk from the hotel to the Little Ceasers down the road. Originally I was going to walk to Wendy's but that would have involved a much longer walk, also I wanted to get back to the room to watch the Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC Family. I purchased a fifteen piece order of wings with two cans of coke, and while waiting I picked up a few doughnuts from the Dunkin Doughnuts. So I had enough to last me for the day and for breakfast the following morning.

Before chowing down and enjoying the movie marathon I went to the small store at CPV and picked up a few more souvenirs for the folks at home. The movie marathon for the Harry Potter movies were: Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire and The Order of The Phoenix. Fell asleep somewhere during Chamber of Secrets but made it through the remainder. The movies and the food made me forget that I would be leaving a most wonderful island yet again. When it came time for bed I had switched over to a channel that was showing the Count of Monticristo, and feel asleep watching that, only to be awoken by the alarm from my phone. Showered, dressed and with a quick breakfast in my stomach I bid farewell to room 105 and room 107 on my way to the check in counter, my bill had already been taken care of the day before and they had already called a taxi to take me to the airport. I think I amazed myself that I did not cry on my way to the airport, I was sad about leaving but on the other hand happy that I got to spend seven days on Aruba; and felt optimistic that I would return again for another visit, hopefully the next time would be more than seven days. Mashe Danke Aruba!!! Mashe Danke!!!

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