Friday, September 30, 2005

There are many things that I like about the end of the month, along with a few things that I dislike. For starters the whole having a paycheck to apply to my account is a definite good, and seeing as my account is with the same bank that I go to on a daily basis it is possible to get part of my check cashed while depositing the rest. Whatever I cash gets used right away, mostly on utility bills like electricity, phone, cable and internet. You can’t imagine the relief of paying your bills before the due date and avoiding the late fees that the companies are eager to apply to the next bill. The majority of my recent deposit is applied to other little areas like groceries and maybe something trivial like ordering a large pizza from Pizza Hut or the Mega Meal from KFC (both of these can last me well into the middle of the following week).

The following weekend I may step out to look for new books and stuff, seeing as I have a few coming from sometime next week (used purchases) and near the end of the month (new purchases but will be delivered late because one of the books will not be available until the 25th October) I will not be patronizing R.I.K. or Nigel R. Khan’s anytime soon. This time I’m really going to try and save, actually I’m considering starting another bank account with another local bank. There is one right next to the bank that I go to nearly every day; and they have the deposit system where you do not have to stand in line, instead you can fill out a deposit slip and place it and the cash/check into a self-sealing envelope, and deposit it into one of their secure deposit bins/boxes.
As for the downside of the end of the month……..crowds at the bank. This morning I left the store around 8am on the dot, by the time I got to the bank there was already a line halfway down the que. Actually this was not so bad, there have been times when the line has reached up to the door. But this morning was not too bad, there were more tellers in the booths so the line was moving along quickly and smoothly. That was until this mad ass walked into the bank yelling some gibberish and stiking up the place. Dude’s B.O. and Bad Breath had the effect of a CBW (Chemical and Biological Weapon). On top of that, this goodly gentleman had the nerve to ask me some non-sencial question, I ignored him, and thankfully was called to one of the tellers. By the time I left the bank, he was still wandering around talking like some nut job. I was actually wishing that the security guards would get trigger happy and put one between his eyes. No such luck.

Once again I was gald to get out of the bank with cash in hand and the rest in my account. Payed off my cable and phone bill and have some left for tomorrows events. Will write more about that at a later time.

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