Thursday, December 01, 2005

December is here, which means 24 shopping days until Christmas. To be quite honest, I'm just not feeling all "YAY IT'S CHRISTMAS" at the moment. I am neither here nore there on the approaching holidays. There are a few things that I'm looking forward to though:

1. School will be closing soon. Thank God! Three weeks free of having to compete with school kids for space on public transport and having to hear them talk about the most stupid things.

2. Army vs Navy this weekend. Army seems to have improved some this season, having beaten Air Force earlier and having a record of 4 wins for the season. Better than the 1 win from last season. Hopefully, they will upset Navy and end their three year losing streak to the Midshippmen. "GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!!"

3. Comic Book Convention this Saturday. Alright! Something to do on Saturday morning, and some additional reading material to purchase. I just got paid, so I should come out of it with a decent haul. I think local artist Chris Riley is supposed to have the latest issue of "Curse Of The Midnight Robber" available for sale, and one of the vendors is holding some issues of Dark Minds and a War Machine graphic novel for me. A whole of stuff to look forward to.

4. New Premier on Anime unleashed on G4 TechTV.

5. Taking the laptop in for an upgrade, hopefully this should improve its speed and allow me to add some more programs. On the downside, I'll have to search for a CD to replace power point, front page, and access, which will be lost when they do the upgrade.

6. New Novels coming out from Amazon.

As for things I'm not looking forward to:

1. New Years Eve. From all appearances it looks as though I will be doing the same thing that I've done for the past two years, stay home and watch all the festivities on the telly. Oh Joy!

2. Valentine's Day. What more can I say, when you're single like yours truly, lovesick couples just make you want to run them over with a car or beat them with a blunt object. Maybe the new books from Amazon will dull the feelings of rage that I will feel come February 14th.

3. Another year of singledom. Need I say more


Anonymous said...

Hey guy. You're stressing about v-day much too soon. check out the black hearts party.

volleyd32 said...

True, maybe I should just try to get through Christmas and New Years first. Also, Carnival will be at the end of February; so chances are that it will be burried by all the pre-carnival parties and events.