Saturday, December 24, 2005

How To Tell If You're A Trini

How To Tell If You’re A Trini

You hate to throw empty containers away for they might come in handy for pepper sauce and seasoning.
You would choose a “FETE” (part) over anything relative or of utmost importance, even if it leads to unemployment.
You say “boy” at the beginning of a sentence and “man” at the end of it.
You hang a rosary on your car’s rear view mirror…..even though you’re not Catholic.
You put ketchup and pepper sauce on your pizza.
You think steak is a waste of good meat… you cut it up and stew it with some potatoes instead.
Your recipe for lime juice is plenty sugar, plenty ice, 2 limes and a pack of kool aid “to stretch it.”
You put ice in your beer and wine, and chew the ice when you’re done.
You know what “Workin Ah 10 Days” is and know darn well its going to take way longer than 10 days.
You refer to an avocado as a “zaboca.”
You call hanging out “liming”.
You call all hot drinks “tea”.
You refer to pop and soda as “sweet drinks”.
You start gearing down for the weekend by lunchtime on Friday.

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