Monday, December 12, 2005

Late Post Weekend In Review

FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER: Started off as another typical Friday, glad that it was the end of the workweek and that I had two days off from work. Seemed as though it was going to be another regular Friday at work. That was until my courier service arrived with a delivery, at first I thought it was the video game that my brother’s ex-girlfriend had ordered from the package was from, but it was not for her; it was for me. This me more confused and wondering, “Did I order stuff from them?” I paid for the package and hurried back upstairs to check out what items were contained inside. The invoice sheet listed whom it was sent to and whom it came from; looking at it I saw a name that I recognized. My friend from College JLK or Girly Girl as she is known on her blogg sent me three novels as a Christmas present. This was totally unexpected, really it was. So far I’ve started to read two of them, “Grantville Gazette” and “Snow Crash”. The other book I already own, but I’m still appreciative of the gesture nonetheless. Last month I had sent her the paperback copy of “Weapons Of Choice” by John Birmingham. Last I heard she had received it and was checking it out. Guess she must have checked my wish list at and got an idea what to send me. I’ve already picked up her Christmas present, I’m just waiting to see if my any relatives will be coming to T&T for the holidays so that they can mail it for me when they get back. If not, then I’ll try to send it around the 19th December or right after Christmas. I know that it will take a while before she gets it, but nevertheless it will still be on the way. JLK is one of the few people from College that I hear from on a regular basis, even more than my roommate. She is indeed rare and a one of a kind friend. So JLK, if you happen to read this, “Thank You!!!!” and “If you and I are both still single when you turn 30, we’re getting married! The fact that we have known each other for about nine years now should cut out on the whole lengthily dating bit. Things could change and we might wind up with someone else, but should being single still meet us at the same status when you reach 30, well, all you have to say is when and where.”

SATURDAY 3rd DECEMBER 2005: Comic Convention at Queens Royal College. Got up relatively early seeing as I was meeting my brother at City Gate for 9am. Even the slight delay when my grandmother made me walk down to the shop to buy bread and bring it back up before I could head to town, did not upset my schedule as I made good time going down the PBR. That was until Morvant Junction where there was a long wait as a Fire Service Tender had collided with a Maxi-Taxi. After twenty-minutes of waiting we were allowed to proceed, surprisingly there was not much of a line of Maxi-Taxis waiting to offload at the main platform. My brother showed up a few minutes later and was soon at QRC for the convention. We were the first and only patrons of the convention during our entire time there. As for comics, I picked up a few issues of the new Avengers series, the entire “Darkminds” first series (Manga), Warmachine graphic novel, and an issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. Considering the limited amount of funds in my possession (my pay Cheque still had not been processed as yet) I came out of it with a decent haul in comics. If there had been more funds available I definitely would have purchased more, then again, I did have two new novels to read at home. As for the Army vs Navy football game, Navy won their 4th straight and I think they now lead the series. At least Army did not loose by too wide a margin like they have in past games. There is always next year, and it should be an Army win as the four year streak ends this year.

SUNDAY 4th DECEMBER: Rained for most of the day, had to throw on my jacket and carry my umbrella when I went to get the Sunday papers. Did a lot of reading, had to lay off the comics for a while as I started to feel the onset of a headache. I think the wild artwork in “Darkminds” had something to do with it; I put them down to read at a later day. Read several pages of the “Grantville Gazette” and “Snow Crash.” So far so good, JLK has excellent tastes in books.

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