Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stubbed Toe & Trinbago Victory

Last night the T&T football (soccer team) faced off against Concercaf powerhouse Mexico in a do or die situation in their quest to qualify for the World Cup in Germany. Having won 1 - 0 over Panama T&T Soca Warriors were on 10 points heading into the game and in fourth place ahead of Guatemala who were on 8 points. Both teams were playing for the 4th place playoff spot, as who ever wound up in 4th would have to undertake a home and away game against Bahrain to qualify for World Cup 2006. Needless to say, most of the country was at the National Stadium last night for the game. Your's truely was at home, running between my bedroom and the living room.

I was wathcing E-Ring, Lost and Invasion; then during the commericlas I would run into the living room to check on the game. During my early dashes Mecixo had taken the lead 1-0, and for a moment I considered turning off the televison and focuising on the other shows. But, somehting told me to leave it on and continue the back and forth dash. During the commercial breaks for Lost I ran back in just as the equalizer was scored. That got my spirits up, as I ran back to check on Lost. Sometime during Invasion the second goal was scored, just as I ran into the living room. On my final run back into the lving room I got there was the final whistle was blown and T&T had won the game and clinched the 4th place for the playoff against Bahrain. Although Gutameal defeated Costa Rica 3-1, the wound up with 11points, while T&T wound up with 13. As for the stubbed toe, that came as a result of my impromptu victory dance. Not looking where I wa going I wound up kicking the drink trolley. The good news is I did not get a cut and the drink trolley is okay.

After all that running back and forth it was no surprise to me that I managed to pass out really quickly. Except that I left the television in my room on, and only woke up at around 2:30 am to turn it off.

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