Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend was rather crummy. It was one of those days that I should have just started my vacation early, stayed in bed, with breaks for the bathroom, food, drink and alcohol. Instead I got out of bed, had a really cold bath as there was no water in the pipes and I had to resort to the emergency buckets of water that I keep. Made the commute from Five Rivers to POS alive and in one piece, also the driver had the radio on a decent station.

Things started to get crappy when I went to the bank and was forced to have to listen to some stupid idiot talk utter bull**** for ten minutes straight. Why are stupid people allowed out of their cages? Their keepers need to get a good cutass for being so blinking careless. On my way home, I got the stunt driver from the Mad Max movies. I lost count of how many times he had to get back into the correct lane while overtaking to avoid a head-on collision with oncoming Buses and Maxis.

The reminder that I was missing a college friend’s wedding and the gathering of friends that I have not seen in years had me down in the dumps. If there was anytime I need to get good sloshed was Friday; as if on cue a former co-worker from my time at the Sporting Complex called me to invite me along on a bar hopping tour through St. James. It sounded like a good idea, but then I got this nagging feeling that maybe I should stay home and watch Threshold. Just before the end of the 7pm News they got word of an explosion somewhere in St. James. Gradually it was confirmed that an explosive device was set off in the vicinity of a popular hangout. Somewhere between 5 to 10 people were injured in the blast. It was said that a parked car right in front of the blast area, prevented a further additional injuries, damage to property and loss of life. This makes it four bombing incidents within the Port of Spain area. The last one being at the KFC on Independence Square, luckily the timely removal of the garbage from the main eating area to a dumpster in the rear of the building prevented excess damage, injury of loss of life. The worse by far was the first one back in July.

In my opinion, once they find the person(s) involved, forget a trial in a court of law. What they did is an act of terrorism and treason against the government and people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. There for said person(s) should be executed in a slow and painful manner (disemboweling, drawn and quartered, hung from the neck until dead). A message needs to be sent to all current criminals and aspiring criminals, that their days are numbered and this is the fate that awaits them should they choose a less than honest and legal path in life.

With St. James cornered off, my trip out was thus cancelled and I wound up watching Threshold, until it was time to attempt a load of laundry. The water pressure had been extremely low for the past few days, and my grandparents had been using the storage pump to provide water. I had to wait until they went to bed and turned it off before I could attempt to get my colors done. There was water in the pipes, but as expected, it was low. Still I threw in the colors and went back to my bedroom to await the start of Adult Swim. Unfortunately, I slept through the whole thing, but woke up in time to put my clothes on the line at around 3am, followed by a load of whites. Managed to catch Mission Hill, Family Guy and Futurerama on TBS.

Saturday and Sunday passed in a blur. Whatever books I planned to read during those two days went unread. I did finish reading Bernard Cornwall’s “Sharpe’s Waterloo”. I still have four other books from the Sharpe’s series to finish reading. Seeing as I will be going on vacation soon, I should be able to finish them during my time off.

Speaking of time off, on the upside my vacation begins tomorrow. For the next fourteen days I get to sleep in late, avoid rush hour transportation, do the mall tour for new books, visit my dad over in Tobago for a few days; borrow a few movies from the DVD/Video Club down the street and catch up on some movie viewing. Seeing as school is in session I will be able to visit nearby Trincity Mall and catch a movie or two at Cinema8, and grab some BK to take home for dinner. Only a few more hours until I get to leave and begin my time off, will have to make a stop at the grocery for Cran-Cherry Juice, Pretzels and Chocolate Ripple Ice-cream.

Also, my copy of “Designated Targets” is due to arrive sometime near the end of October. It should not be all that difficult to come down to the store to collect it and the other books that I’m expecting from Amazon.

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