Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why are morons allowed to live and produce offspring? Are there not enough of these people to frustrate our daily lives? It’s getting to the point that I feel as though my small twin island republic is slowly being over-run by these idiot stupid people. Just judging by the stupid things that I witness being perpetrated on a near daily basis. At the zebra crossing in front of the main transport hub for POS, I’ve seen people continue trying to cross even after the crossing guard has asked them to wait and traffic is speeding by. At the Bank that I go to on a near daily basis customers/patrons are directed to join the specific queue (Foreign Exchange one line, regular transactions the other). Before they get to the top of the line there is a sign that informs them upon hearing the signal to head for the teller indicated by the number and the arrow. Simple enough. Yet, these idiot people still mess it up by either going the wrong way or to the wrong teller. Worse are the loudmouth customers that have to make comments on everything; when it comes their turn to go to their respective teller, they do the same as the above.

Then there are the impatient ones who seem to have an allergy of some sort to waiting their turn; and who instead of doing like the rational minded people who are waiting patiently and quietly to be attended to, have to broadcast their displeasure with waiting. Honestly, I know that I really do not need nor care to hear that you have been waiting for a long time or that you are running late. How about next time, you leave home earlier j*****s! I wonder if these same people will act the same way while waiting in line at the U.S. Embassy when applying for their visa? Or will they act that way while waiting in the never-ending line that is U.S. immigration? Of course not why would they, and miss their chance at being in the U.S.?

What really drew me to write this entry today has to do with the 10 items or less lane at the grocery store. Correct me if I’m wrong, but 10 items or less means once you have more than one item and no more than ten items, you can go into that line and get out of the grocery faster. Okay? Good! Yesterday afternoon I went to the grocery, after all I was in need of juice, shampoo, laundry detergent and insect repellent. At first I had to search high and low for one of the hand baskets, there were none by the entrance so I went to the checkout lines where I managed to find one that was in relatively good condition. The items in my basket came up to eight in total, which meant I could use the express lane to get through faster.

Not exactly, you see there were three people ahead of me, two of them were within the required number for the 10 items or less lane. As for the other guy, he had over twenty items and was still being cashed out. IDIOT MAN!!! 10 Items or less means 10 items, not items arranged in groups that come up to 10. Needless to say, I was forced to endure an added on wait as this gentleman was allowed to proceed with his more than 20 items. As for the cashier, she did not seem to really care at all; yet she had the nerve to look at me weird for having two bottles of Cranberry Juice.
Week after next I will be going on vacation; and during my time off I will be doing my best to avoid the general public, especially the idiots. I will only come into contact with them if and when I choose to do so and it won’t be for too long. At least I will be away from the idiot people for some time. THANK GOD!!!!

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